Soulplate Records Show

The monthly podcast from Soulplate Records playing the latest in soulful house. The show is released on the 14th of every month and is also available from iTunes and Youtube with previous episodes available here.

The Soulplate Show - October 2017

01. The Lounge Symphony ft Beth Miller - That Feeling (TLS Original Mix) - Soulplate Records
02. JoioDJ ft D'bra Powell - Take my hands (F + B Mix Instrumental) - Dejavoo Records
03. Chieko Kinbara - If You Only (Rasmus Faber Remix) - Rafa Music
04. Rob Hayes - It Is What It Is (Richard Earnshaw) - Duffnote
05. Earl TuTu, John Khan, Asia Yarwood - New Faith (Afro Mix) - Quantize Recordings
06. Hilario V - Angies Berceuse (Original Mix) - Smooth Agent Tracks
07. Smoothless - Free Your Mind (Original Mix) - Cyanide Records
08. The Lounge Symphony ft Beth Miller - That Feeling (Soulplate Filter Dub) - Soulplate Records
09. HouseKeepKing + Mieczyk ft BBK - Saxy Lola (More Saxy Mix) - Pocket Jacks Trax
10. Berardino + Sonatore - I Got For U (Seb Skalski Main Mix) - Solid Ground Recordings
11. Darren Sains + Dashi - Come On Let’s Go (Darren Sains Club Mix) - Karmic Power Records
12. Angelo Draetta - The One (Original Mix) - Soul Deeparture Records
13. Sable Blanc - Tangerine (Original Mix) - Pole Position Recordings
14. Earl Tutu, John Khan, Mike City - Lately We (Booker T Deep Vocal) - Liquid Deep
15. The Lounge Symphony ft Beth Miller - That Feeling (Manjit Remix) - Soulplate Records
16. Bang Bang - Susan Cries (Matt Prehn Remix) - Oh So Coy Recordings

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